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Going Global 한스쉘러줄기세포연구센터

A message from the Director

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Modern Civilization is facing an aging society and seeks human well-being. For quality aging solutions toward degenerative diseases is essential.


Stem cells have been growing as a potential solution. Especially, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells can be used as a source for patient-specific cell therapies since the parental cells can be derived from patient somatic cells in terms of autologous therapy. In addition, to derive the embryonic stem cells (ESCs), the embryos have to be sacrificed therefore generation of iPS cells can also overcome the ethical concerns associated with ESCs. However, iPS technology still has the issue of cancer formation due to remaining undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells after the differentiation process into desired cell population.


Direct conversion technology is another innovative technique. Direct conversion from one differentiated cell type into another can be achieved through overexpression of transcription factors. A cell could lose its original character and gain a new function such as secreting insulin. Because the cell doesn’t need iPS intermediate state to make patients specific cells, it can rule out the possibility of tumorigenicity.


Hans Schöler Stem Cell Research Center (HSSCRC) aims to contribute to the development of patient-specific cell therapy and drug screening by researching iPS cells and direct conversion.


HSSCRC will communicate and cooperate with world-leading stem cell research centers.




Director, Hans Schöler Stem Cell Research Center