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Going Global 한스쉘러줄기세포연구센터


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Reprogramming the somatic cells from patients means that the cells can be differentiated to any kind of body tissue with pluripotency obtained by converting the cell fate. This makes the cell therapy for degenerative disease more practical but also settles the controversy concerning embryo sacrifice and immunological rejection.

As the first iPS cells research center established in Korea, Hans Schöler Stem Cell Research Center (HSSCRC) uses the methods of reprogramming and direct conversion of the somatic cells extracted from the patient and produces "patient specific stem cell" for therapeutic purposes by a multi-disciplinary approach.

Goals of HSSCRC

HSSCRC history

  • 2009.09.22 : Signing an MOU with MPI-MBM
  • 2009.11.03 : The director of MPI-MBM, Hans Schöler’s special lecture in UNIST and discussion about establishment of stem cell research center
  • 2010.05.03~08.21 : Dispatching researchers to MPI-MBM (Germany)
  • 2010.06 : Professor Jeong Beom Kim, selected for 2010 Future-based Technology Development Program(Promoting Stem Cell Leading research Team) 
  • 2010.08.13 : Hans Schöler stem cell research center opens in Korea
  • 2010.08.13 : Establishment of HSSCRC in UNIST and The 1st International Symposium on Stem Cell Research in UNIST
  • 2010.09.02 : Professor Jeong Beom Kim, invited experts’seminar in Assembly Life Science Research Forum
  • 2010.09.10~10.30 : Dispatching researcher to MPI-MBM (Germany)
  • 2010.09.15 : Professor Jeong Beom Kim, Selected for “2010 New project about science and technology cooperation between Korea and Germany”
  • 2010.11 : Dispatching Holm Zaehres (Senior staff, MPI-MBM) to UNIST-MBL (Korea) and conducting research
  • 2011.05.01~03 : The 1st Workshop on Pluripotency Network (hosted by UNIST)
  • 2011.05.23~07.15 : Dispatching Boris Burr (senior scientist, MPI-MBM) to UNIST-MBL (Korea) and conducting research
  • 2012.01 : Appointment of Max Planck partner group MBL in UNIST
  • 2012.04.03~21 : Dispatching Holm Zaehres (senior staff, MPI-MBM) to UNIST-MBL (Korea). Conducting research and Holding seminar
  • 2012.10.18~19 : UNIST 2nd International Symposium on Reprogramming and stem cell will be held

HSSCRC vision

  • 2013.01.01 : 줄기세포연구센터
  • 2014.01.01 : 줄기세포연구센터